Pilates and Golf

Updated: May 17, 2020

Pilates for Golf

Golf Tips: Why Pilates for Golf is Essential to Better Course Play


Golf typically doesn’t find itself associated with the physical pounding and taxing of the body as other sports such as basketball, football, or hockey. Nevertheless, one might be quite astonished to uncover the amount of strain that the physique of a golfer truly endures.

At each turn of a drive and with each bend of the knees, golfers put themselves in jeopardy of overusing particular muscles as mileage on the greens accumulate. One feasible solution to this imminent peril is Pilates for Golf. In fact, payback associated with this style of exercise has ranged from advanced core strength to enhanced flexibility to greater body balance. Besides injury prevention, the totality of these benefits has been linked to positively impacting the club swing.

The way that Pilates assists the golf swing begin with posture. Extraordinary attention is given to the position of the spine. This stimulates the reduction of lower back tension for competing players. As a result, the swing becomes more precise since enhanced posture eases other portions of the body such as the shoulder and wrist. Developed mechanics make for a greater probability that a swing can become more powerful and accurate.

Tiger Woods and LPGA legend Annika Sorenstam are two notable individuals who are often referenced on blogs as being participants who have reaped the benefits of Pilates for golf.

“Pilates works on stability, strength, and mobility. By working on strengthening the glutes and core, Pilates can help golfers increase distance with their swing. In working the deepest abdominal and back muscles, golfers are likely to be stronger and minimize pain and injury.”

The inception of Pilates for Golf regimens occurred in the early 2000’s when Sarah Christensen and Butch Harmon created the program with the intention of targeting biomechanics of the golf swing. Harmon, who is considered by most to be the premiere trainer in the sport, was quoted as saying that the program allowed him to hit the ball 20 – 25 yards farther.

Today, Pilates for Golf at-home media are populating at a rapid rate. Private lessons by experts such as Eshetu are also on the rise. Are you willing to add this system to your regimen? Have you tried Pilates for Golf before? Let us know. Perhaps more birdies and lower scorecards are in your future.

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