Pilates is

the art of Pilates is looking at the body and knowing the most direct way to address it 


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Pilates by May

Tampa Bay, FL 33618

Tel: 561-945-7765

Email: pilatesbymay@gmail.com


About Me

I am May Martin, certified classical Pilates Instructor. My journey started in 2017 when I started taking  Pilates classes to overcome Scoliosis pain. The hard work and effort paid off and now I live pain free, and strong. Since then, I have seen tremendous improvement in my  life and  overall look of my body 

   I wanted to share the benefits of Pilates with everyone so I decided to become a Pilates instructor and  help people  improve body awareness strengthen their core muscle while creating lean long muscle. 

    Listening to my clients say they feel revitalized, feel no pain while exercising   seeing them do thing with their body they never thought possible, is truly the most  rewarding part of my job. weather you speak Spanish or English I am here to help .


Mr Happy

This is a fun class and I never get bored . May is very dedicated  and passionate about Pilates and her students.

Mrs Laurie Powell

May corrects my form and I learn something new about my body every  day. I feel and look fantastic.

Maribel Lineberry

Thanks to May, I am in the best shape of my life. My legs and core look  amazing 

Dawn Gross

May is an excellent instructor who helped me improve my posture and my energy levels.


I enjoyed my Pilates class. I left feeling energized and revitalized .

Frequently asked questions

Preguntas mas frecuentes

What is your cancelation policy ?

You have to cancel 12 hours prior to your class or you will be charge the full amount

How long is my package good for ?

It last 3 monthos from the time of purchase unless you have a health issue

Please let your instructor know about any change on your health

I appreciated you mention any change on health like high or low blood presure taking of any anti inflamtories or any plastic surgery or botox application the same day of your class

How late can I arrive?

you can be up to 15 minutes late but it will take from your own time class

What is Pilates

A vigorous, highly focused total-body workout with spring-loaded equipment. Pilates goes deep, using resistance to strengthen while it stretches. With a repertoire of over 500 challenging exercises, these machines mean business. Who is Pilates for? Everyone. Pilates sets your body up for success in whatever it does. Whether you’re training, toning or recovering, you’ll do it better, stronger, more efficiently.

Cual es tu politica de cancelacion  ?

12 horas antes de la clases tiene que cancelar por telefono de otra manera se le recargara por completo la clases

Cuanto dura mi paquete?

El paquete dura 3 meses a menos que por motivos de salud no pueda asistir durante ese periodo de tiempo.

Por favor dejele saber a su instructor de cambios en su salud

Se le agradese me deje saber de cambios en su salud como cirujias recientes incluyendo plasticas, cambios de precion arterial, embarasos y si esta tomando algun medicamento como analgesicos o anti inflamatorios no es recomendable hacer ejercisios despues de colocarse Botox.

Que es lo mas tarde que puedo llegar ?

Puede llegar haste 10 minutos tarde

Que es  Pilates?

Es una serie de ejercisios creados por Joseph Pilates con la finalidad de crear musculos largos y tonificados ayuda a tener mejor flexibilidad, balance abdominales super fuertes. Los ejercisios se pueden realizar en una colchoneta o en los diferentes aparatos creados por el mismo los cuales tienen unas guayas resistentes que pueden hacer el ejercisio mas fuerte o mas liviano para el que lo necesite.

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